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Tonight is the 7th Grade Activity Night at WMS.
The time for this will be from 2:45 - 3:45!

Kickoff for Major Saver Cards is February 11!
 The card features 21 local businesses and is $15.00.  The packets will be sent home on that day during their 5th block class.  Collection of forms and money will be February 11 - February 20th before classes begin.

Our first PTO fundraiser in the fall did not make the money  we were hoping for like it has in the past. With this said....there may not be enough money to help with field trip buses this year nor next year. (Or many of the other activities PTO supports---6th grade Brain Games, PBIS incentives, Wage and Earnings Pat W. program, Late Show, Buses for Band trips, Track and Field day, Technology gifts, Teacher gifts, Staff meals, etc.) 

Please help support! ($2.00 per staff member for membership to PTO helps---they have a mailbox in the mail room). 



Food drive for "Souper Bowl" 

Well it is all done and though it is hard to gauge a complete accurate number due to the fact that we were figuring cans based on monetary donations as well we roughly ended up with over 1400 items.  If we were to do the actual shopping it would have amounted to probably over 1500 so that is pretty good and the food center is needing more of the monetary donations at this time anyway so we will have over $400 to give them which they were happy to hear.   So with that being said here is the final results:
Discovery- 104/ Endeavor- 44
Voyager- 468/ Explorers- 95
Quest- 259/ Pride- 164
Encore 1- 191/ Encore 2- 78
So during our Spring sports/activities assembly in March Mr. Miller and Alyssa Fanoele will be smoring Mrs. Ewing and Andrew Fitpatrick/  Mrs. Nelson and Abby Rankin will be smoring Mrs. Murphy and Johnathan Hamilton,  Ms. Crouch and Jackson Beymer will be smoring Mrs. Samson and Cali Denham and Mr. Schoonover and Keegan Young will be smoring Mrs. Willie and Jacob Lordi.   Thanks to all that participated and to those that are willing to be a part of the smoring.  It will be fun.

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Yearbooks may be purchased through this website you may pick up an order and turn in an order form in the office. Yearbook prices are $25 each.

Image result for studyingAFTER SCHOOL TUTORING!!!

This opportunity will provide more individualized instruction for students to
 improve grades, work on missing skills and to develop better organization
 and study habits.

We will offer both Math and Reading tutoring on both Tuesdays and Thursdays
 this year. 

Tutoring will start Tuesday, September 25 after school until 3:45 and will be
 available every Tuesday and Thursday through April 2019.

 We will meet in the library the first week and then disperse to classrooms from

 Students are free to come to as many tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays
 as needed throughout the year.

: Your child MUST be picked no later than 3:45.


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