LATE Show Mission

Adolescence is a time of change -- both exciting and frightening. It seems to be a particularly difficult time for girls, who are far more likely to develop eating disorders and experience depression than boys. As girls mature they confront a culture that idealizes and exploits the sexuality of young women, often assigning them roles that are clearly less valuable than male roles. Girls at this age have must develop strategies to resolve questions of identity before any problems occur.


Therefore, the Warrensburg Middle School teachers and staff, together with WMS parents, have developed a highly successfully overnight leadership training event for 8th grade girls. The 8th graders are divided into small groups led by high school junior and senior girls. After opening activities designed to set the tone of the evening, the girls attend sessions led by community members who will prepare them for the decisions they will be making as older teens in high school -- healthy eating, healthy relationships, diversity, self-image, etc. The evening allows 8th grade girls to meet high school girls in an informal setting and ask questions they might have about their transition from middle school to high school.