7th Grade Reading Animal Interview Projects

7th Grade Reading Students Present Animal Interview Projects
7th Graders Present to Sterling Students

In conjunction with their upcoming trip to the Kansas City Zoo, seventh grade Explorers students in Dr. Ashlee Holdren’s Reading class recently completed a nonfiction research project called Animal Interview.  Students chose an animal from a list of animals housed at the Kansas City Zoo and then they “interviewed” the animals by researching various zoo’s websites and other credible sites to find out a plethora of information about their animals.   Upon completing their research, students had the option to write a children’s book or create an informational poster geared toward children about their animals. They were required to write a first-person narrative account from the point of view of their animals.  The culminating event of the project took place on May 14 and 15 when the middle school students walked to Sterling Elementary and presented their projects to third through fifth-grade students. Instructional Coach, Susan Kohl helped orchestrate the scheduling of the presentations.  Overall students presented to 13 elementary classes. As an added bonus, students have been challenged to find their animals at the Kansas City Zoo when they go next Tuesday, take a picture or selfie with the animal, and “tweet” it to Dr. Holdren @HoldrenAshlee.