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Head 8th Grade Volleyball Coach: Mrs. Beth Cox, WMS, 660-747-5612

Head 7/8 Cross Country Coach: Ms. Kim Yancey , WMS, 660-747-5612

Head 8th Grade Football Coach: Mr. Brandon Figg , WMS, 660-747-2262

Head 8th Grade Girls' Basketball Coach: Ms. Karla Hinnah, Sterling Elementary, 660-747-7478

Head 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Coach: Mr. Bo Tiller, WHS, 660-747-5612

Wrestling: Mr. Aaron Conklin, WHS, 660-747-2262

7/8th Track/Field: Mr. Chad Ray, WMS, 660-747-2262 (Boy's Coach) Chris Cavanah, WHS, 660-747-2262 (Girl's Coach)


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State Participation Regulations

Attendance Requirements

· Students must attend the full day of school to be eligible to participate in any activity occurring on that day. Therefore a student that is late and misses 15 or more minutes of their first block or the first 5 minutes of any other class will be counted absent and will not be allowed to participate.

· Students with prior knowledge of an absence (for example, a doctor/dental appointment) must complete a pre-arranged absence form from the attendance clerk if they wish to participate or compete in an activity on the day of the absence.

· To be eligible for a weekend event (such as a Saturday game), the student must attend school the day before the event or have any absence(s) verified prior to the event.


Physical Certificate and Insurance Requirements

In accordance with the Missouri State High School Activities Association by-law 3.8 Physical Exams and Insurance:

· 3.8.1 Physical: The school shall require of each student participating in athletics a certificate of an issued physical signed and authorized by a physician, advanced nurse practitioner in written collaborative practice with a physician, or a certified physician's assistant in collaboration with a sponsoring physician stating that the individual is physically able to participate in athletic practices and contests of his/her school. A student shall not be permitted to practice or compete for a school until a complete, signed certificate is on file at the school. The medical certificate is valid for the purpose of this rule if issued on or after February 1 of the previous school year.

· 3.8.2 Insurance: A student shall not be permitted to practice or compete for a school until it has verification that he or she has basic athletic insurance coverage.