For Parents

Open Enrollment

For returning students (this includes incoming 6th graders that were previously part of the Warrensburg R6 district for the '20-'21 school year):

PS Enrollment 21-22 Returning Student Registration Link:


For NEW students (this includes any new student to the Warrensburg R6 district that has never attended before):

PS Enrollment 21-22 New Student Registration Link:

Online Payment

The Warrensburg R-VI School district is now offering the ability to allow payments to be made online. This is an optional service that you can take advantage of.

To do so, please visit:
and click Register Here under New Users.

There you will enter your information and click “Sign Up!”

After you sign up you will be asked to enter your child's student number. This number can be found after you sign in to PowerSchool ( and click on Balance on the left. If you don't have a login for PowerSchool or are experiencing difficulties logging in, please contact the school where your child attends.

After you sign up you will be given the option to add additional children. A convenience fee will be charged for paying online. Currently the fee is $1 per payment made from your checking account and $2.45 per payment made from a Credit/Debit card. This convenience fee is a charge from the company that supplies this service, NOT the Warrensburg R-VI School District.