A parent account allows you to view the information for one or more students with a single sign in. You can also manage your personal account preferences. Click the link to create a parent account, https://ps.warrensburgr6.org/p... When creating an account use a laptop or desktop. 

Name: First and last name.

Email: Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email.

Desired Username: Your username is your unique PowerSchool identity.

Password: your password must be at least six characters long. 

Student Access Information: Information for a minimum of one student, including Student name, Access ID, Access Password and your relationship to the student. (Access ID and Password are located on the parent copy of the student schedule or contact the WMS office)

Adding Multiple Students

Login to your PowerSchool account on a laptop or desktop. Go to 'Account Preferences,' click on 'Student' tab on the top left, click 'Add' on the top right. Add your students Access ID and Access password.