Being picked on? Ignored? Left out? Gossiped about? Called names? The list could go on and on.

Wondering what to do?

There are options.

The first and most important is... If you feel physically threatened or unsafe in any way at school, please see your assistant principal.

If physical threat is not in the equation, one of your best options is to find someone to talk to about the incident(s)....your parents, your counselor and/or your assistant principal are possible places to begin.

It is important to know that most everyone has had such experiences at some time. When someone is mean or deliberately unkind to you, in some way it isn't even about you. Sound bizarre? If you weren't in the equation, they almost always would seek out someone else. See your counselor for more information on what is going on with that! One of the least helpful options is to do nothing or let the bully know he got to you.

For more information on bullying, please check out www.stopbullying.gov.